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Grimsrud Flute Studio

Flute Lessons in Boise, Idaho

Hello Flute Friends!

Hi!  I’m Rachaelle Grimsrud, and I have been teaching music in the Treasure Valley since 2007.  I’ve taught all levels of music, from Pre-K music to High School Band, so I know all of the ins and outs of music education in Idaho!  


I know what it’s like:

  • To not get enough one-on-one attention in band

  • When your band director isn’t a flute player and can’t help you with flute specific techniques

  • To feel bored in band and want to play harder music

  • To be terrified when performing in public (or even just playing tests in front of the rest of the band!)

  • To not have the first clue how to properly care for your instrument or what to look for when upgrading instruments


If any of these things sound familiar to you, private lessons are for you!


Learn more about what we have to offer:

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