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Beginning Flute Group Lessons

  • Is your student new to playing flute or have played flute for less than one year?  

  • Have you thought about private flute lessons, but your student would prefer to learn in a more social setting?

  • Are you unsure if you can spend much for beginning flute lessons?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, this class is exactly what you are looking for!

Part of the reason band students love band is because of the social experience of learning to play an instrument with others who share similar interests.  This course is unique because your student will take this course with the same student group for the duration of the course.  This helps provide the social experience many kids are missing right now!

This 15 week online course is designed for students who are brand new to the flute, or have played flute for less than one year.  

Unlike band class, where the band director is often teaching dozens of kids on many different instruments, every flute lesson focuses only on the flute.  As a teacher, one of my favorite things is watching my students blossom and grow as young musicians. In addition to helping you meet your musical goals, we have fun while playing, because playing the flute IS fun!

Group lessons are very similar to individual lessons, but have 3-8 students in each lesson.  This means the hourly rate for each student is lower, but you will still get the same great "flute focused" instruction! 


Due to Covid-19, this course is currently only offered online via Zoom, which means your student can learn how to play flute from the comfort and safety of your own home.


Students who enroll in group lessons get the same great perks as students who take private flute lessons:

  • Weekly Lessons

  • Masterclasses (we LOVE inviting guest flutists to share with us)

  • Studio Recitals (you get to show off what you have been working on)

  • Studio Field Trips (did you know have a fantastic orchestra right here in Boise?!?!?)

  • Studio Ensembles...including Flute Choir (playing in a group is WAY more fun than playing alone)

  • Studio parties and picnics (who doesn’t love a good BBQ?)


PLUS, you’ll also get instant access to:

  • Special printable resources made just for you

  • Method book recordings for home practice

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