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If you are going to sell anything digitally through your website, COLLECT NAMES AND EMAIL ADDRESSES, or receive any sort of commission from any purchases that are made through links on your website, there are some legal statements and disclaimers you need to have. Please read the following descriptions to see what applies for you:




“A privacy policy is merely a short description of the kind of information you collect from your visitors and what you do with that information. It is required by law when you are collecting any kind of data that could identify an individual. This information includes the visitor's name, email, location/address, blog comments, phone number, etc.”



This is required if you an opt-in on your website (aka collect names/emails), a newsletter, and/or a physical product or service.



This disclaimer is legally required if you earn any sort of commission or earnings from any links, codes, etc. anywhere on your website.


You can see an example of all 3 of these at the bottom of my own web page that I purchased and customized from The Contract Shop. But NOTE, it is never okay to simply copy/paste these from another person’s website. Legally that is copyright infringement and you can actually be sued for this - this actually happened to a friend of mine but thankfully they did not pursue action once she removed it from her site. But boy, that’ll scare ya straight! 


Instead, make sure you purchase your own customizable and LEGAL templates ASAP to protect your business and make sure you are not breaking international laws (yes that is seriously a thing…) through The Contract Shop.

Please note the above link is an affiliate link and if you make a purchase through it I will receive a commission.

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